Who's That Chick (2)
Season 12, Episode 10
Who's That Chick (2)
Air date 2012
Written by FANS
Directed by FANS
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Plot AEdit

Fiona and Marisol continue to rival with each other and it seems that Fiona's popularity is surpassing Marisol's. Known to be spiteful at times, Marisol knows that Fiona is part of the reason why Imogen broke up with Eli and she threatens to tell. Fiona hesitantly decides not to challenge Marisol any further. Truthfully, Marisol never actually had any intentions of revealing Fiona's secret; the trouble is, however, is that a third party may be well aware of the secret. Will it ever come out?

Plot BEdit

Maya's plan to hurt April succeeds, yet she doesn't feel victorious at all, especially when Katie goes to comfort April; plus Zig tells Maya that he doesn't want a girlfriend that has to seek revenge on other people, so he ends the relationship here and Maya is left heartbroken.

Plot CEdit

Dave and Connor are in an all-out-war for Jasmine's attention. Jasmine knows she must make a choice; when she chooses to go out with Connor, Dave states that his friendship with Connor is over.