Super Bass (2)
Season 12, Episode 12
Super Bass (2)
Air date 2012
Written by FANS
Directed by FANS
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Plot AEdit

Tori is fed up with her parents' refusal to let her date Adam, so she considers running away. Adam agrees to join her at first but then he realizes that it's not a practical idea. Does Tori understand that it may be simpler for her and Adam to just break up or does she think that Adam doesn't love her as much as she loves him?

Plot BEdit

Connor's pleads with Jasmine don't convince her that his father needs Connor decides to steal the money from her, and Jasmine soon finds out about it and ends the relationship.

Plot CEdit

Owen and Clare are bonding like never much that Clare's new and old friends start to worry about her. But, Owen sees how important Clare is to them and decides to back off, by telling her to leave him alone...something he didn't want to do.