Nobody's Home (1)
Season 12, Episode 17
Nobody's Home (1)
Air date 2012
Written by FANS
Directed by FANS
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Plot AEdit

Bianca's mother is deceased and she never even met her biological father. She lives with her aunt, uncle and her spoiled junior-high school aged cousin. She fights with her ill-tempered uncle constantly, sometimes physically. The only person in the household that truly loves Bianca is her aunt and she's just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. As a result of the news, Bianca has trouble coping.

Plot BEdit

Zig, a student everyone looks at as a laid-back person, but how can he truly be laid back when all his mother does is sleep with every guy that says he'll take care of her.

Plot CEdit

Quinn is tired of hiding secrets from the world, but with her recent break up with Drew, does she really need to reveal the truth to anyone?