Just Fine (1)
Season 12, Episode 01
Just Fine (1)
Air date 2012
Written by FANS
Directed by FANS
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Just Fine (2)

This episode serves as the season premiere of Degrassi: Season 12 (All Or Nothing). It will premiere in 2012.

Plot AEdit

Drew is going strong with Katie and he's completely sure that he is over Bianca...that is until he sees Bianca and Adam developing a very close bond.

Plot BEdit

Marisol decides to give Mo a real chance on a date in an attempt to put an end to her shallow way. To her surprise, she finds herself very attracted to Mo and the feeling is mutual. However, things get complicated when a "Music Producer" offers Marisol a spot as a dancer in his latest music video, which she accepts.

Plot CEdit

Maya and Zig are officially a couple. Are they ready for sex?