Fiona Coyne
Fiona Coyne
Full Name Fiona Coyne
Nickname(s) Fi, Fifi
Gender Female
D.O.B 1993
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
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Job Student
School(s) Degrassi Community School
First Episode Just Can't Get Enough (1) - 9.01
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Annie Clark

Fiona Coyne is a Senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi Community School. She is currently repeating her senior year at Degrassi due to her being a few credits shy of graduating. She is a talented artist and is very interested in fashion. She is best friends with Holly J. Sinclair and Anya MacPherson.


Season 12Edit

In Just Fine (1), Fiona calls Katie and Marisol and tells them that she is still in Manhattan and won't be back until the second week of school.

In Bad Romance (1),

In Bad Romance (2),

In Who's That Chick (1),

In Who's That Chick (2),

In Unwell (1),

In Unwell (2),

In Are You Happy Now (1),

In Are You Happy Now (2),

In Someone Like You (1),

In Someone Like You (2),