Connor Deslauriers
Connor Deslauriers
Full Name Connor Deslauriers
Nickname(s) TBA
Gender Male
D.O.B 1995
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Relationships Jasmine Kurney
Job Student
School(s) Degrassi Community School
First Episode Uptown Girl (1) (8.01)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By AJ Saudin

Connor Deslauriers is a Junior (Grade 11) who attends Degrassi Community School. He is the godson of Archie Simpson and best friends with Wesley Betenkamp. He suffers from Asperger's Syndrom and is geeky, and very smart. He recently was in a relationship with Jasmine Kurney, although the relationship was short lived when he stole money from her, however, the two are trying to patch things up. He is portrayed by AJ Saudin.


Season 12Edit

In Who's That Chick (1), Connor and Dave have always been best friends, but when a new transfer student named Jasmine enters Degrassi, Connor and Dave compete for her attention.

In Who's That Chick (2), Connor can't believe that Jasmine chose to date him, however, his friendship with Dave is destroyed.

In Super Bass (1), Connor's father sends him a letter telling him that he is going bankrupt. Connor asks Jasmine for the money, but she doesn't feel comfortable giving it to him so soon in their relationship.

In Super Bass (2), Jasmine learns that Connor stole money from him and decides to end the relationship.

In Upgrade U (1), Connor is shown encouraging Wesley to go see Hannah.

In Upgrade U (2), Connor gives Wesley advice about his verbally abusive relationship with Hannah.

In Boulevard of Broken Dreams (1), Connor is shown helping set up the dance.