Are You Happy Now (2)
Season 12, Episode 20
Are You Happy Now (2)
Air date 2012
Written by FANS
Directed by FANS
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Plot AEdit

Katie relapsed while trying to help April struggle with a similar issue. Katie doesn't want her April to know that she also has an eating disorder as she trying to be a good role model. However, can Katie hide this secret for long, especially when others discover that Katie relapsed?

Plot BEdit

Owen is really trying to tell Tristan and his parents something, especially when he starts to skip school and come home at different hours of the night; can Tristan really give up his happiness just so Owen can be happy?

Plot CEdit

Drew goes to see Quinn and tells her that he accepts the fact that she had an abortion, but Quinn can't believe that Drew would actually go behind her their chances of getting back together - slim to none.